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A Message From Michael Dlouhy

The author of Powerful Networking Secrets

Dear Friend,

When I was a kid back in the 1950s, Bing Crosby sang a song I'll never forget. Each syllable was emphasized, making it so memorable:

"You've got to
Ac-CENT-u-ate the positive.
E-LIM-i-nate the negative.
Latch ON-to the affirmative.
Don't mess with Mister In-Between." - Bing Crosby

Perfect. Life IS that simple. Gotta have a positive outlook. If you don't eliminate the negative, you'll never have success or happiness. For sure, latch onto the affirmative. And stay the heck away from Mr. In-Between. The #1 tool that will train you to naturally accentuate the positive in your life and eliminate the negative ... is my new book, "Powerful Networking Secrets!"

Ninety minutes from now - and for less than 30 bucks - you will have learned the most valuable skill of both your business life AND your personal life. I've been a network marketer for a long time.

Rule #1 for a networker is, whatever you do, it better be simple. You can only be successful if you teach a lot of people to do what works. If it isn't simple, they'll never do it. So when you find a skill that is 100% life-changing - and is also simple, easy to learn - THAT is a winner. Which is what you get here today.

Recently I talked to a lady for the first time. After a couple minutes, she asked me to mentor her. In 3 minutes, I told her what her strengths were, and what her weaknesses were. When I finished, she said, "Do you have a crystal ball?" We had never met before. I listened to her for just 2 minutes on the phone and knew exactly where to take the conversation. It was fun. It was uplifting for her. She was amazed. And we are building a strong relationship.

When you master "Powerful Networking Secrets!", your life is changed forever. And you can master this technology within days of getting the training. You will find out how to better interact with your mother-in-law, your children, your spouse, your boss. In every aspect of your life, you will gain an understanding that allows you to figure out the hot-points of ANY personality in 2 minutes or less. And gaining that ability will change your life. You'll be happier. You'll understand why people treat you the way they do.

I've studied seven books on the 4 personalities. I've attended and listened over and over to dozens of audio trainings. MOST important: I have practical knowledge and experience using this technology with people every day for well over 30 years! When you know these techniques, you will NEVER again hard-sell. You'll never force a decision on anyone. Instead, people will decide entirely on their own that they've GOT to have more of you. They will come to YOU! They'll want your advice. They'll crave your friendship. They'll demand YOU be their partner, in business and in life.

The marketing guys have told me ...

... how crucial it is to offer a bunch of bonuses to get people to buy. But "Powerful Networking Secrets!" is a life-changer all by itself. You don't need any darned bonuses. The experts say it's crucial to the sales process to create some urgency for you to order today. Like ... if I told you I'm only going to sell 50 of these books. Or ... if I said I'm only going to sell this book for 9 days. But the fact is, I intend to sell this book the rest of my life. In my humble opinion, it is the MOST valuable self-help book you will ever own.

Why? Because the training is SO valuable, and because it is SO easy to make it an automatic part of your everyday life. It's a gem, a classic that will stand the test of time. You'll still be able to order it 20 years down the road. But I PROMISE you this: whenever you get and read "Powerful Networking Secrets!" ... you will wish you had back and could do over every minute of your life prior to getting & reading this book. Whenever you read it, you will regret that you didn't have this information sooner. Whether it's your business success or your personal fulfillment & satisfaction, or both, the results you are getting now are a ghost of what you'll get when you're using these techniques.

One More Thing - It's REALLY Important!

I am 100% dedicated to your success with this training. So when you buy "Powerful Networking Secrets!", I will personally coach & mentor you by phone, 3 nights a week. You can be on as many or as few calls as you want. You'll be able to interact live with me and with others learning this technology.

Most of all, you will listen in as we call & talk to totally new people and then discuss the keys we have learned to spotting their personality type. You may ask any questions you want. There's no way to put a value on this personal training ... but you get it free, as part of your package.

You'll receive the training call schedule by email as soon as you have ordered the ebook. I look forward to reading YOUR success story from using "Powerful Networking Secrets!"

Remember Bing Crosby? "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch onto the affirmative. And don't mess with Mr. In-Between." "Powerful Networking Secrets" is your #1 tool to live your life that way.

I appreciate you!
Michael Dlouhy

Michael and Linda Dlouhy in Mykonos, Greece

Learn how to assess All the following strenths & weaknesses of anyone you meet, within 2-3 minutes, with about 85% accuracy:

  • Team player?
  • Good at supporting others?
  • Over-sensitive?
  • Creative?
  • Sees the big picture rather than specific facts & figures?
  • Needs specific facts & figures rather than seeing the big picture?
  • A self-starter or needs monitoring?
  • A good promoter or not?
  • Organized or scattered?
  • Good or poor on follow-up with people?
  • Craves excitement?
  • Perfectionist or not?
  • Great planner or not?
  • Excellent or poor at strategy?
  • Willing student or uncoachable?
  • Good recruiter or not?
  • Strong money-motivation or not?
  • A Leader?
  • Hates confrontation or loves it?
  • Talks easily or gives out information grudgingly?
  • Thinks they're smarter than you are?
  • Punctual?
  • Good negotiator or not?
  • Good or poor follow-through on plans?
  • High energy or not?
  • Likely to cause you lot of grief?
  • Doer or talker?
  • Rather ride a dirt bike or read a book?
  • Cares about others or "Me first"?
  • Enthusiastic or not?
  • Has patience or not?
  • Risk-taker or not?
  • Driven to succeed?
  • Values accuracy or not?
  • Creative or not?
  • Makes gut decisions with NO information?
  • Dependable or not?
  • Factual or tends to exaggerate?
  • Makes decisions easily or struggles with them?
  • Easy to get along with or not?
  • Gets taken advantage of by others or not?
  • Goal-oriented or not?
  • Sees value in ideas of others, or self-righteous?
  • Persistent or not?
  • Life of the party or wallflower?
  • Hard to please?
  • Confident or not?
  • Pessimist or optimist?
  • Strong motivator or not?
  • Critical of others?
  • Family is important or not?
  • Good researcher or not?
  • MUST be in control, or willing to let others make decisions?
  • Accepting of YOU ... or naturally suspicious?
  • Tells big lies or not?
  • Likes people or prefers to be alone?
  • Has happy, well-adjusted kids or not?
  • Struggles the most to build relationships?
  • Hates salespeople and would NEVER become one?
  • Makes decisions 100% based on the money?
  • Accepting of others or judgmental?


What are people saying?

  • John Wiser

    Colors to Success has totally changed how I view Network Marketing. In just a few short months, following the training, I have increased my success in my business that I did in my first 15 years trying to do it on my own. Michael does a wonderful job explaining how to help people from all walks of life in detail, and in a way that anyone can understand. There is no other training like this anywhere that can give you the skills you need to be a successful network marketer. What's even better is that I am able to pass this on to my team to duplicate with much success. I have to say that the information alone, on the Colors to Success CD has been one of the major turning points in my personal success story.

  • Ken Klemm

    PNS lifted a huge veil from my eyes. Now I understand myself and others better, and why people behave the way they do. I can be a better coach and mentor. This training has made dealing with people fun, both on the phone and in person!

  • Ingrid Camacho

    Reading Powerful Networking Secrets and listening to the colors cd has totally changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. I used to be a judgemental person to others because they were so different from me. I would ignore someone because they were talking to much and I even caught myself saying under my breath " Just shut up man". I just could not understand how someone could talk so much without even taking a breath. After reading the book Powerful Network Secrets and listening to the colors cd over and over I had a big life changing eye opener, and I even smacked myself across the back of my head. I am a green personality and the people who talk a lot are the blue personality. We are totally opposite colors and can drive each other crazy. I began to understand how I must drive a blue persoanality crazy because I don't talk much. I am a listener. Just today my grandaughter who is a blue personality comes up to me and says "Grandma aren't you going to say anything"? She wants me to talk as much as she does. Because I know her personality I have to make sure I talk and laugh more when I am around her. Learning the colors personalities and helped me become a better person and I have built many new relationships.

  • Lidie Gray

    The Powerful Networking Secrets training taught me the simple techniques to identify a person’s personality type and how to be a better listener. I have learned how to make people feel valued by giving them the personal attention and respect they deserve. Learning the four different personality traits helped me to add significance to people's lives by simply encouraging them to build on their strengths to become the leader they were created to be.

  • Tony and Melissa Casteel

    Not only did Michael's training change our outlook on people completely, but it helped our marriage! This training has brought a new awareness to our marriage that allows us to focus more on our business and less on the personality quirks that could drive us crazy.

  • Kay Young

    Michael Dlouhy's Color Personality System made my life much easier. I am more confident talking with others and feel like I understand them better. Since Network Marketing is a relationship business, this is critical! The bonus extra is that I understand myself better too! Its probably the most important skill we can have in business and in life! Thanks so much!!

  • Jim Jankowski

    You wouldn’t try to speak Chinese to someone who only spoke Italian, or to speak English to someone who only spoke Russian. PNS has taught me how to speak “the language of my prospect” to them, no matter which of the “colors” they are. Now my prospects understand me because I speak “THEIR” language. Great stuff.

  • Martin Staunfeldt

    Why was I not taught this in school? When I read PNS a whole new world opened for me. It was almost like magic. It is like I can read peoples thoughts. But really it is just understanding how we are as human beings. I have learned to get the best out of people and myself. PNS has been life-changing for my family and business.

  • Tony Harnett

    Through my life … I often wondered why people didn’t see things the way I did and would often argue with them to try and get them to see things my way. When I read Powerful Networking Secrets … it helped me understand why people see things the way they do and this has made my life (and their’s) a whole lot less frustrating! Some even think I’m a nice guy now ;)

  • Lawrence Bergfeld

    From using the Colors To Success I have learned how to determine what a person likes and more importantly what a person can't stand. Now I have an easier time getting along with others.

  • Tony Koker

    Communication is a vital part of life. Relating our message to others is important to represent us to them. But, more importantly, LISTENING to others is most important to begin to understand others. I have been involved in many training sessions on communication and personalities. Some have been very descriptive, and others have been good practical guides. The Powerful Networking Secrets and Color To Success together not only provide a concise description, but a useful, simple method to capture expert status with this skill and practice its use in a very short period of time. No other tool has been so effective and valuable for me as these are. Before using these, I was no more than a sound box and sounding board. Today I can richly grasp complex thoughts, ideas and emotions and more easily connect and further build rapport with others.

  • Jennifer Fisher

    Imagine what it would be like if everyone you met thought you could read their mind. That's what PNS has done for me. I wish I'd learned this stuff years ago. By the time you finish PNS, you'll be able to create instant rapport in any situation. This is a MUST read for anybody who deals with people.

  • Rick Burnett

    Before I found this program I could not understand why people would do and act the way they do. Why I could instantly bond with one person but completely turn off the next. The first thing that came to my mind was how this could help my business if I could better understand others but i have been totally amazed at how it has helped my family relationships as well. It has totally been a life changer for me.

  • John Smith

    I bought the cd first, then later the book so I had something in front of me to refer to when speaking with new prospects. I now realize what a powerful two-some they are when used together. Until I read Powerful Networking Secrets I thought everybody thought the same way I did – was I ever wrong. Once I understood the different personalities I quickly realized it’s that difference that makes all of us so special.

  • Bob Shoaf

    Before learning the color personalities, I was given several scripts. If Your client said this, say this. By the time I figured out what to say, the moment had passed. Learning the color personalities has given me confidence. I do not use scripts anymore. I listen closely to a person's color personality so I know how to talk to them in a way they understand.

  • Celeste Smucker

    Michael Dlouhy's color personality training as explained in PNS is a powerful tool for understanding both other people and (just as important) yourself. When you apply this simple, easy to learn system it will not only transform your business relationships, it will also help you enjoy lots more harmony at home.

  • Noel Figueroa

    A leader knows their people, their families, their goals, their abilities, and their dreams. If you're going to be a leader, it's your duty and obligation to learn the skills in this powerful training. It's an eye opener. I'm so happy I did!

  • Frankie Larrabee

    Until I learned about the different personality types, I was always frustrated when talking with the different types. When I learned of the 4 types of personaliys, my world changed. I even taught my children the "Color" of all of thier friends. Talking to the 4 types in Their language has been The best lesson for me, and my family too.

  • Tuula Rands

    Learning the color personality of people was huge for me. To understand why people do what they do makes life so much easier whether it is in my personal life or in business. To be able to relate to people by becoming their personalty color when talking with them makes it so enjoyable and it develops that know, like and trust much faster.

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